Welcome to the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 2, a union of approximately 700 workers at the Toronto Transit Commission T.T.C. As part of CUPE, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with more than half a million public sector workers across the country. We are also affiliated with the Toronto District Council, Toronto Labour Council, and the Ontario Federation of Labour.




The employer is offering us a 1 per cent raise per year, at a time when the price of groceries has been increasing ten times that. They want to take away double time OT. They want to take away the Sunday premium. They don’t want to pay us decent shift premiums.

Unless we are prepared to strike, they will get away with all these changes and more. We need to be prepared and the first step is establishing a *strike committee*.

A strike committee organizes the core things needed to win a strike — picket lines, communications, finances and legal aid. It’s not the same thing as the executive, which coordinates the negotiating committee, strike committee, and the day-to-day operations of the union.

Forming a strike committee is *not* the same thing as deciding to go on strike. A strike doesn’t happen without a vote. But without a strike committee, we lack influence at the negotiating table, and the employer has no reason to listen to our demands.

So get involved! It all comes down to you — each and every member of CUPE Local 2. Nothing happens without you participating and getting others involved.

Interested in volunteering? Have questions? Ideas for additional things you can do? Send email to strikecommittee@cupelocal2member.com.

Deadline: Wednesday, December 5.

CUPE LOCAL 2 Scholarships


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It’s Scholarship time again.

Our Union, CUPE Local 2,  once again will be awarding two (2) one thousand‐dollar ($1000.00) memorial scholarships in the name of Brother Ray Achong, and two (2) one thousand‐dollar ($1000.00) memorial scholarships in the name of Brother Paul Brown.

The recipients shall be selected by a blind draw at the January General Meeting (Good luck to all).

Deadline for entries Dec 31st 2023 at 5PM.

Right to Strike Restored


Dear Sisters and Brothers of CUPE Local 2,

Yesterday, our Union finally won back our constitutional right to strike.  The Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruled that the Ontario government’s 2011 legislation (Bill 150) barring TTC workers from striking was an infringement of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Removing our right to strike helped TTC exercise greater control over our Members and chipped away at our workplace rights. The employer used this advantage to institute measures that negatively impacted members including random drug tests and an unreasonable vaccine policy.

In addition to restoring the balance of power in our favor, this decision improves our ability to fight for decent wages, safe working conditions, and a better transit service for all people in Toronto. CUPE Local 2 members keep TTC safe and reliable, and we will use our power to prevent the employer from compromising public safety by cutting corners.

This ruling is not only beneficial for our members but the entire working class of Ontario, as successive governments have limited workers’ right to free collective bargaining in multiple sectors. At a time when the standard of living is in decline for working people, the right to strike is the most effective weapon to achieve decent wages, benefits and help to stop abuse from all levels of government and the employer.

This is a tremendous victory in a long standing court battle waged by CUPE Local 2 and ATU 113 that has taken many years to get to this stage.

That being said, the application of the court’s ruling to our current round of bargaining is not entirely clear. It is possible that just as the right to strike for ATU 113 applies in the next round of bargaining, that may be the same for us. We will advise our membership every step of the way with all information.

We are talking to our lawyers to confirm the next steps in order to leave no stone unturned and we will use any and all possible means at our disposal to obtain the best Collective Agreement in light of our hard fought Victory with the court’s ruling.

Stay Strong.  The fight continues!

In Unity Always,

Gaetano Franco
President, CUPE Local 2

Court’s decision a win for workers and for safety

A long-awaited legal judgment has been hailed as a major victory for both workers and passenger safety by the union that represents electrical, signals and communication workers at the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).

A judgment handed down yesterday by Justice Chalmers of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice found that the TTC Act, passed in 2011, violated workers’ Charter right to free collective bargaining. The judgment came in response to a challenge filed in 2015 by the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) 113, representing public transit workers; and by CUPE 2, whose members perform all installations, maintenance and troubleshooting on all the TTC’s electrical safety equipment.

Gaetano Franco, President of CUPE 2, said that, along with restoring workers’ right to strike, the decision will strengthen the union’s role in maintaining high safety standards for TTC passengers.

“Workers and TTC riders both win because of this decision,” said Franco. “As workers, we got back our constitutional right to strike.

“But safety is also paramount for my co-workers and me. We maintain every safety aspect on the TTC and we want to make sure your family makes it home from work in one piece. Because of this decision, we can make sure there are never any attempts to cut corners on the work we do. And we will campaign against any changes that would compromise passenger safety.”

Such changes, Franco said, could include privatization, contracting out or public-private partnerships, “or anything that puts safety in competition with profit.”

CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahn called the decision a victory for all workers who seek to build power and protect public services through the collective bargaining process.

“This victory matters for all workers, not just members of CUPE and ATU at the TTC. It should be a lesson to any government that is considering taking away workers’ constitutional rights. We have the fundamental right to withdraw our labour and this right is key to building workers’ power and to protecting our public services.”

CUPE 2 members have been without a contract for more than a year, and Franco had a final message to the TTC: “Now that we have the court’s decision, we urge the TTC to get serious about bargaining and come back to the table to reach an agreement will ensure the best possible experience for people who use the TTC.”

Today’s decision also applies to members of the newly organized CUPE 470, which represents TTC operations supervisors. The local is currently in negotiations for a first contract with the TTC.



Point of Contact


Arrow Garage Manager – Scott MacGillivary 700 Arrow Road
North York, Ontario M9M 2M1
Birchmount Garage Manager – Jason McBride 400 Danforth Road
Scarborough, Ontario M1L 3X6
Danforth Division (no bus maintenance) Divisional Manager – Shari Wills 1627 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4C 1H7
Eglington Garage Manager – Douglas De Melo 38 Comstock Road
Toronto, Ontario M1L 4V8
Lakeshore (Wheel Trans) Manager – John Boucher 580 Commissioners Street Toronto, Ontario M4M 1A7
Malvern Garage Manager – Dave Munro 5050 Sheppard Avenue East Scarborough, Ontario M1S 4N3
McNicoll Garage Manager – Mike Bottiglieri 230 Milliken Blvd. (Parking Lot) Toronto, Ontario M1V 4V2
Mount Dennis Garage Manager – Frank Fantauzzi 121 Industry Street
Toronto, Ontario M6M 5B6
McCowan Carhouse/Yard Corporate Security – Ness Ryan 1720 Ellesmere Road
Scarborough, ON M1H 2V5
Queensway Garage Manager – Robert Mitchell 400 Evans Avenue
Etobicoke, Ontario M8Z 1K6
Wilson Garage Manager – Scott Dixon 160 Transit Road,
Downsview, Ontario M3H 1T8
Roncesvalles Carhouse Supervisor – Sal Giampietro 20 The Queensway
Toronto, Ontario M6R 1B4
Oakvale Division (no bus maintenance) Divisional Manager – Shari Wills 73 Oakvale Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4J 1J1
Chatham Ave. lot Divisional Manager – Shari Wills 163 Chatham Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario M4J 1K8
Russell Carhouse Supervisor – Ryan Sexton 1353 Queen Street East Toronto, Ontario M4L 1C7
Leslie Barns Carhouse
(LRV Maintenance Facility)
Supervisor – Joseph Perruccio/Steve Clark 1165 Lake Shore Boulevard East Toronto, Ontario, M4L 3W6

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