Welcome to the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 2, a union of approximately 700 workers at the Toronto Transit Commission T.T.C. As part of CUPE, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with more than half a million public sector workers across the country. We are also affiliated with the Toronto District Council, Toronto Labour Council, and the Ontario Federation of Labour.




The employer is offering us a 1 per cent raise per year, at a time when the price of groceries has been increasing ten times that. They want to take away double time OT. They want to take away the Sunday premium. They don’t want to pay us decent shift premiums.

Unless we are prepared to strike, they will get away with all these changes and more. We need to be prepared and the first step is establishing a *strike committee*.

A strike committee organizes the core things needed to win a strike — picket lines, communications, finances and legal aid. It’s not the same thing as the executive, which coordinates the negotiating committee, strike committee, and the day-to-day operations of the union.

Forming a strike committee is *not* the same thing as deciding to go on strike. A strike doesn’t happen without a vote. But without a strike committee, we lack influence at the negotiating table, and the employer has no reason to listen to our demands.

So get involved! It all comes down to you — each and every member of CUPE Local 2. Nothing happens without you participating and getting others involved.

Interested in volunteering? Have questions? Ideas for additional things you can do? Send email to strikecommittee@cupelocal2member.com.

Deadline: Wednesday, December 5.

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